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Indian electrical equipment industry

  Battery Manufacturing This is one of the best-suited business ideas for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. You might already know that batteries are very important in almost every device such as radios, torches, mobiles, laptops, remote controls, toys, and more. There is a huge market for this type of industry, and the best part is that the demand for batteries never goes down. So, if you plan well, you can make excellent profits here. Capacitor Manufacturing Manufacturing capacitors are one of the most profitable business ideas that you implement when you want to set up your business. This is because the demand for capacitors (the component where any electronic or electrical equipment’s energy is stored) is always on the rise. You need to decide what kind of capacitor you intend to manufacture and choose your machine & material accordingly, with your budget constraints in mind. Low-End IC Manufacturing Making integrated circuits or semiconductors is a great idea because these =are